California State University Northridge

June 11, 2022

2022 being the 30th anniversary of its founding, the ARPA Institute organized a one-day public conference on education, science, technology and healthcare and their impact on socio-economic wellbeing and political perspectives. The program is intended to promote public participation and dialogue. 

Desired Impact 

The ARPA Institute Board of Directors believe that this event will be an impactful public learning experience that will offer the participants opportunities to draw upon the methods and insights of these important subjects, as well as foster greater understanding among people. ARPA Institute also invited experts from Armenia to connect with their peers in California and promote better understanding of one another, appreciation of shared heritage of diverse cultures, for a more tolerant development of society. The content of the conference program, formulated by the 30th Anniversary Committee was tailored to promote wide public participation and encourage interactions between different communities, for potential collaboration between institutions and organizations. 

The fundamental objective was to relate histories, experiences and/or contemporary issues of concern to the Armenian community in California, promote discussion of ideas and different points of view and deeper understanding of culture heritage and history, as well as encourage critical thinking and analysis, 

The Conference was a forum for dialogue to smooth diversity of views about topics of common interest, as well as a means for intergenerational discussions to inspire the new generation to learn more about history and cultural heritage.

Our surveys from similar events organized in the past have the organization members convinced that the impact will be positive, both in terms of education and constructive dialogue amongst people of similar heritage but diverse lifestyles and social environments.

The ARPA Institute always tries to offer participants opportunities to draw upon the new methods and approaches to solving inter-societal problems for greater understanding among people and concentrate on thoughtful reflection on important topics. The idea is to create links between one another to understand our shared heritage and diverse cultures, inspire civic participation, and shape a better future.

The ARPA Institute 30th Anniversary program has a special focus on expanding public participation and reducing social and artificial barriers. Moreover, connecting Armenians in Armenia and those in California will invite collaboration between the two countries that may enhance social and political discourse as well as bring about economic benefits.

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