Nanotechnology Initiative

Blueprint: Nano-Technology Research and Development Center in Armenia

The Nano-Technology Research and Development Center (NTRDC) is being planned to serve as an interdisciplinary facility to be established in Yerevan, Armenia, and it aims to:

  • Encourage research and entrepreneurship in nanotechnology;
  • Provide an information and knowledge exchange platform for the scientific and engineering communities in Armenia;
  • Organize events featuring innovations in nanoscience and engineering.

The idea is to create an environment whereby researchers in nanotechnology can commercialize their technology by proposing a business plan for the successful creation of nanotech start-ups. The ultimate aim is, however, to provide the means to strengthen Armenia’s position and transform its relatively advanced science and technology to play a leadership role in nanotechnology.

The NTRDC may bring scientists from across Armenia and even from the neighboring countries to carry out joint research and development of new materials and technologies. The long-term goal is to create an advanced fabrication and experimentation facility specializing in various areas, which may revolutionize medical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, genomics, cell biology, low power electronics, flexible electronics and sensors, nanofabrication, energy harvesting and conversion, programmable matter and many other fields.