Vision & Mission 


To have an Armenia that is free, secure and strong, with guarantees of sustainable economic development. Where equality and fairness for all, and opportunities for advancement and living properly, abounds. New and perfected relations with its Diaspora,  contributes towards: prosperity of the people, high living and educational standards, ultra-modern and advanced health practices and facilities, economic and physical security.

To research, analyze, and consult in matters affecting the economy, education, and technology of the United States of America and Armenia. In order to promote international cooperation and understanding within the international community. To provide consultation, technical expertise and professional assistance to the public sectors and governments of the USA and Armenia in matters related, but not limited, to resource and project development, management, strategic planning, national security, technology transfer, education and culture, directed towards the economic advancement and enhancement of the quality of life for the people. Means to these ends include: 

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