ANLA is the National Science Laboratory of Armenia, since 2011. There are seven research divisions at ANLA namely, Cosmic Ray, Experimental, Isotope Research and Production, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Matinyan Theory, Experimental, and Applied Physics. Science and technology jobs are economic security paths for all nations and for Armenia in particular. However, to have competitive global science and technology requires infrastructure and instrumentation. That is the motivation and vision for the creation of an ISO-6 or 1000 Class Cleanroom at AANL that is open for collaboration and use by all the universities and scientific institutes of Armenia as well as technology companies as needed.

The ARPA Institute has been helping the team of Radio-Frequency Photomultiplier Tube, led by Dr Amur Margaryan for their successful implementation of Radio Frequency timers of unsurpassed precision with huge potential in fundamental sciences and industrial applications with billions of EUR valuation in international markets. Having the right infrastructure, especially a Cleanroom will allow Armenia to successfully compete in the future for high level experimental projects.

For the development of thin films to be blind to IR light, as well as other benefits of a Cleanroom at ANLA and its potential benefits to science and the defense of the homeland could be significant.

We envision a Cleanroom that allows both fundamental research and applied work to be carried out in an ISO-6 1000 class Cleanroom that will improve and advance scientific research and enable future more advanced projects, that could allow collaboration between scientific institutes and private companies. There already are letters of intent for use of the Cleanroom by the director of the Institute of Physical Research of Ashtarak, the Nalbandyan Institute of Chemical Physics, the Head of Solid-State Physics program at Yerevan State University, Head of the Physics Faculty at Yerevan State University, and the Chair of Physics and Head of the Laboratory of New Materials for Quantum Electronics, and a private company “CIPR- Center for Innovation Promotion and Research”. These are only the existing potential users for the Cleanroom, we are certain that new users and ideas with broader exploitation of the facility will eventually come about.

The Cleanroom is already completed and tested and ready to be used, except for the necessary instrumentation. It certainly will be important for the near and far future of Science and Technology in Armenia. So, please help the ARPA Institute complete this highly critical facility with all the modern instrumentation and tools necessary to carry out cutting-edge research in Armenia.

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